I am back – I can’t call it a blog

Dennis in 2005I’m finally back to this blog after a long layoff, both writing and running. I’m not really a blogger. I just share my thoughts on occasion. I call it a blog for lack of something different. I may change that designation. The plantar fasciitis came back with a vengeance when I tried to return to doing speed-work. Just to catch up, a little over a year ago I broke a toe. I had to take a month off to let the thing heal. After that, I slowly built up my mileage to 50 or so a week. All was going OK until I started speed-work. That was in June 2011.

I tried to keep up some training while letting the plantar heal, but that didn’t work. I had to drop the running altogether. To try and keep some endurance, I got back on my bike. That took some getting use to. I’ve been biking ever since .

I recently saw a podiatrist, and he said everything looked OK. It will just take a long time to heal. He did recommend custom orthotics. That will be my next step. But first I have another issue to deal with. That would be an inguinal hernia on my left side. I had one repaired on my right side ten years ago. That was done via open surgery. The pain was intense for some time. This time, I decided to try laparoscopy. They say there is much less pain. I’ll find out soon. I have the operation scheduled for this Friday. After the recovery period, I am going to get the orthotics. Then I will try to return to running. That should be an ordeal after such a long layoff. The biking is OK, but I cannot maintain the fitness level that running provides.

The photo was taken at the awards ceremony at the 2005 Pink Ribbon 5K.