Starting Today – I will be sharing my thoughts

Keith Ambrose - TodayToday I’ll begin to share my thoughts.

I just started this blog today. My pseudonym is Jason Savage. I have been using it in business for more than thirty years. All the runners know me by my given name – Glenn Dennis. I use my given name on race registrations so my old friends will know me when they see results posted online, a site like AthLinks for instance, or in the Running Journal.

I will be sharing my history as a runner and avid road racer. I will also touch on the subject of injury and the issues of dealing with them as one gets older. I will be heading to Charleston, SC this weekend to attend a very dear friend’s, Coralie Leonard, 99th birthday party. I’m looking forward to that as well as having a few beers with my old British running buddy, Keith Ambrose, pictured here. A couple of geezers pouring down a Guinness. I took that photo when we met in Wilmington, NC and ran the Tri-Span 10K on July 8, 2006. That is a very tough race. The temperature can approach 90 at that time of the year. The race incorporates three major bridges. I ran a very good race that day. I managed a 39:58 due to a great burst in the last tenth. I came in 15th Overall – 4th Masters. I missed the money by 22 seconds. I won my age group (55-59). Keith also won his age group. He’s a few years older than me. More later.