Savage Websites

I present my other Websites. Following is a little more information about several of my sites.

The Zoe Foundation™: “The Zoe Foundation’s mission is to attempt to save the tiger, panthera tigris, as a species through captive breeding and sound scientific genetic management of a captive population. Reintroduction in the wild could be attempted when safe ranges are determined to exist. This mission statement represents a vision, one instilled in me by the late Dr. Michael Bleyman.”

Freedom Memorials™: “The Freedom Reigns Memorial is a national memorial is designed to honor the military men and women who have paid the ultimate price for freedom fighting in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. The individual tributes distinguish this memorial from any other in the world.

Thousands of fallen heroes have paid the ultimate price for our freedom fighting the wars on terrorism.  Join us in making this memorial a reality today. These men and women have fallen in the line of duty for you and for me. This memorial is not about political rights or wrongs. It’s about honoring our heroes today!”

TigersTime Studios: “Welcome to TigersTime Studios™. My name is Jason Savage, and my trademark work is Gothic puzzles. They are not puzzles in the traditional sense. I use electronically simulated pieces. After the primary collage is assembled, I electronically emboss Gothic letters of my design throughout the work or around its border. These letters impart a message to the observant viewer. Since there is a resolution or determination to be made, I call my Gothic work Resolvative Art.”

Website Description
Freedom Memorials 501 c3 non-profit organization working to build a national memorial honoring the military men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.
The Zoe Foundation™ 501 c3 non-profit organization working to save the tiger before extinction.
Immortal Memories™ High resolution etching on stainless steel and titanium.
Crossword Gold™ A timed crossword puzzle competition.
Master The Challenge™ A timed competition featuring the Manx – a new graphic art puzzle.
Gourmet Sugarplums Have you ever tasted a sugarplum?
Pinterest My board.
HandleDry New – must have electric toothbrush accessory.